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Hola, who am I?

I have been working in the arts and entertainment industry for over 5 years in the Southern California area, including Tijuana in Mexico. I have had the honor of working in Broadway-bound theatrical productions, new plays, festivals, TV sets and museums through various capacities.

I started in production and slowly moved towards arts programming which introduced me to community outreach. And what better way to spread the word to your community about a certain event than marketing?

I am glad to be a tiny part of people's experience in live entertainment and keep theater alive through my PR services. 

I am also a journalist. I am an editor in Spanish at a regional newspaper and I report on arts and culture across the San Diego-Tijuana border. 

My objective in my professional career is to promote the arts in my community, whether through reporting or helping theaters gain an audience.

I hope to work with you! 

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